I’ve replace the much hacked and maligned old style bbPress forum on with a new one driven from the bbPress plugin.

Most of the documentation available is on the bbPress documentation page. But it’s pretty sparse, so I found some additional sources…

I did manage to find some general advice on integrating bbPress into your WordPress site.

Getting Pretty Permalinks working is also a useful read as you’ll undoubtedly want clean URL’s.

These two links provide some useful information in relation to the file structure underlying bbPress and how to integrate and override them as you begin to develop your own bbPress site.

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Deleting services in Windows

For some reason this as eluded me for years. When I’ve searched in the past for a method to delete services in Windows what I’ve found has been painful, lengthy, REGEDIT based and very fiddly, so I was pleased to find this method whilst searching for something entirely different…

sc delete “service name goes here

Couldn’t be easier…

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Database modelling – non-identifying and identifying relationships

Generally, one-to-[zero-one-many] relationships are identifying relationships and many-to-many relationships are non-identifying relationships

For identifying relationships, the primary key of the parent table migrates to related rows in the child table and becomes a part of the primary key for those rows.
For non-identifying relationships, the primary key of the parent table migrates to related rows in the child table as a foreign key constraint and NOT a part of the primary key for those rows.


Books, owners and authors

The relationship between a book and its current owner is a non identifying relationship – it can exist without an owner and can change owners over time.
The relationship between a book and its author is an identifying relationship.

Health plan

The dependants of an employee who is enrolled in a company health plan that covers the employee and his dependants would be joined to the employee by an identifying relationship as dependants must be related to the employee to be covered by the plan.

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Storing IPv6 addresses in a database as text

When storing IPv6 addresses in a database as text define the database column as a 39 character field VARCHAR(39) (or equivalent variable length character field)>>


To support IPv4 tunneling features expand that to VARCHAR(45) >>


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Resizing YouTube embedded video – width and height ratio

To maintain reasonable proportions when resizing embedded YouTube video’s, multiply your desired height by


To get the correctly proportioned width.

For example: the original width of 425 pixels and height of 344 pixels resizes to 185px by 150px. The HTML fragment below shows you where to change the width and height values (change occurrences of the numbers 185 and 150).

<object width="185" height="150">
<param name="movie" value=" blah blah~"</param>
<param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param>
<param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param></object>

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tWPtter ~ plugin

Version 0.1 of my new micro-blogging plugin is now available.
twptter from bochgoch
You can download it from here.

I’m always looking for suggestions on I can improve things, any suggestions for amendments to tWPtter will be gratefully received.

Please post any comments below…..

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WordPress 2.3+ schema for taxonomy tables

I’ve been rewriting a number of my plugins to bring them up-to-date. This will include a version of If You Liked That that uses tags to identify similar or related posts. The new (version 2.3+) WordPress taxonomy tables are not very well documented as far as I can tell so here is small EAR model that I’ve thrown together to describe the relevant sub-section of the overall WordPress database schema.

Wordpress 2.3 taxonomy tables

Note: [term_taxonomy]![taxonomy] has values category or post_tag

Example code using these tables to select the taxonomy entries for post 45 is:

?Download download.sql
select p.post_title, r.term_taxonomy_id, t.taxonomy, 
from wp_posts p, wp_term_relationships r, wp_term_taxonomy t, wp_terms te 
where = 45 
and = r.object_id 
and r.term_taxonomy_id = t.term_taxonomy_id 
and t.term_id = te.term_id

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New Development Environment

I’ve been putting off installing a new Apache, Mysql, PHP and WordPress development environment on a new Windows laptop I recently purchased as it has always taken a few hours and is fairly dull – I can think of better things to do. However, that is no longer true as I came across which provides an (almost) one click install of Apache, PHP and Mysql. It took me less than an hour to download and install,then a quick WordPress install and I was up and running. Easy!

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Plugin Change Lists ~ May 2008

With a few thousand downloads of my plugins out there cluttering up the internet and a couple of new plugins in the pipeline I thought it was time to carry out some maintenance mainly following your feedback. This is my current list of changes if you know of any others then please let me know and I’ll add them…

Those Were The Days

Bug Fix: WP 2.3 wp_post2cat error when selecting categories.
Enhancement:TWTD error occurred!‘ make message more descriptive and stop it from occurring on first refresh.
Enhancement: Generate as an HTML list (ul li…/li /ul)
Enhancement: Better styling from templates.

If You Liked That

Enhancement: Use tags to select related posts.
Enhancement: Use words in title to select related posts.
Enhancement: Better sentence selection – remove HTML.
Enhancement: Option to open links on a new window.
Enhancement: Better and easier styling options.
Enhancement: More positioning options.

What’s New, What’s Fresh, What’s Happening? Done: Version 1.5 now available

Enhancement: Better sentence selection – remove HTML.
Enhancement: Improve documentation.
Enhancement: Allow embedding into WP post / page.

Include Me In That HTML

Enhancement: Make IMIT_files directory allocation easier.
Enhancement:Automatically add the same text file to certain category. For example, when I create a post of category XX, automatically add in the end of the post, if a post from category YY, automatically add and so on …‘ ~ Thanks Krold

Include Me In That Website

Enhancement: Add thumbnail site URL as an admin option to allow switching to other providers.
Enhancement: Improved formatting of thumbnail block.

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Drupal Hints & Tips

My memory being close to a sieve in its composition, there are all sort of bits & pieces that I keep forgetting when it comes to using Drupal.

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