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Version 0.1 of my new micro-blogging plugin is now available.
twptter from bochgoch
You can download it from here.

I’m always looking for suggestions on I can improve things, any suggestions for amendments to tWPtter will be gratefully received.

Please post any comments below…..

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  1. » tWPtter - WordPress Plugins Catalog Says:

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  2. Joy Says:

    I just downloaded and installed the tWPtter plugin for my site. I’m running Version 2.7.1 of WordPress and it said that your plugin hadn’t been tested with my version yet. So far I’m not seeing any issues.

    A couple things. Could you figure out some way to put JUST the post box on the main dashboard page? I go there habitually to check overall status and to do posts to the blog, having a place to update the microblog would be fantastic. That way I can do short posts that are for stream of consciousness or short updates that don’t warrant a full post.

    Second, the title “tWPtter says…” crushed against the sidebar divider when it was left alone. I modified it to “Joy Says…” and it still did it, so I had to drop a couple   in there to get it to move away enough to be legible. Something to look at maybe?

    Styling: How do I style JUST the tWPts to stand out from the rest of the page? Like with no bullets, custom bullets, Bold, a different font, different font color, etc. Maybe adding that functionality to the “settings” page would be good.

    Feel free to talk to me about testing out features. The blog is “live” but non published so any breakage that happens isn’t critical. I’m using it as a mirror right now for another blog.

  3. Joy Says:

    Okay, a couple more things I noticed.

    1) the widgets all have a at the bottom of their widget in the sidebar except yours. You may want to find out how they did it and add that in, so it breaks up the segments of the sidebar.

    2) Is there some way you can add target=”_blank” to the options when there is a link in the twpts? I like to give my readers a choice about going to the new site or staying with mine.

    3) I told the widget to sort by date, newest at the top, and it’s not doing that. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Cyber Says:

    A few requests: alternative to display date beside each twptter, pagination and an option of how many twpitters to display per page, the ability to not display all posts on the plugin page (with a lot of them, it loads slow) & the form field displayed on the main site (viewable by admin only) within the widget or page template. Also, the datetime info does not save for me, when I checked the SQL all datetime fields were NULL. Also, the “characters remaining” seem to be static, would be great if they actually counted down so you know how many characters you have remaining, not very good when the text gets cut out without you knowing it. Otherwise, great plugin! I’m using it here if you’re interested: . Like a repository of thoughts and smaller updates that the blog isn’t fitting for, been looking for something like this, just a few more features and it’ll be perfect. ;)

  5. Dean Says:

    So I’ve implemented this. I’d love a toolbar-bookmarklet that would allow me to post to it.

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